Saturday, April 1, 2017

the Last

I never wanted

To be the last,

At anything,

Until I realized

That we could be

The last ones,

The last generation,

Of a nation, that witnessed

What it was to watch the world

Burn in terror.

The last people to turn their back

On those who had nobody

To hear their cries.

Racism and hate would be words

Just words, used only in the most

Desolate corners of this world,

While the rest stood

Shoulder to shoulder.

We'd be the last ones to teach,

Our children what role was theirs

Because of a letter that gave them

A gender on a piece of paper,

This world would be theirs,

Just theirs.

We'd be the last ones to care,

To define what gender even was

Or who anybody loved,

Or what the color of our skin

Meant, as if music

Didn’t sing, from within,

Sinking into the soil, lifting us up

To the sky.

We'd know what true knowledge was,

What communication was,

What connection was,

All of us connected,

You to me to you to you to them to everybody

Us we, all of us somebody.

We'd be the last ones anyone would ever expect

To have history repeat itself while we were watching,

We were changing bits of this world, not stopping,

But stop, at this rate we’ll just be

The last ones.

The ones they’ll quote

As the last feet to ever walk a clean earth,

All we saw was hurt,

Change on the verge,

And we took it backwards,

Women under siege

Skin versus police,

What’s going to be

The line that you see

And say stop.

What tragedy, what war

What children, what blood

Do you need in a picture

For all of y’all to listen?

What weapon,

What amount,

What time,

What count,

Of lives lost, money cost

Until you see that

You will be the last one,

All alone.

This earth it gave birth to us,

These people gave love to us,

What do we do when all

The good ones up and leave us?

I don’t want to be the last one left.

I never wanted to be the last,

At anything,

At anything,

Until I realized we could be the last,

The last ones to make mistakes,

Fear our fates,

Raise broken dreams,

And crying faces.

We could be the last ones,

But we can’t take,

Away the dark,

Without all of our, 

And I mean all of our, 


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