Sunday, January 8, 2017

Snowy Snow

It is hard to believe that today we were shoveling snow off a Brooklyn sidewalk and just a few weeks ago I was at the top of a glacier. There was glacial water and photos galore and dark skies behind us. For a few magical moments though, the sky started to part in front of us. The snow has such a different meaning when it's not a responsibility. The world seems so vast without buildings in the way. One of my many dreams is to travel the world with my loved ones, so we can all reach the places we want to reach. This was Iceland --->

I want to climb mountains with you.
I want our feet to play along
Foreign shores and when we leave,
We will have to shake sand out of our shoes.
I want to see your eyes light up,
The moment you fall, in love
With a new a city at night.
I want to memorize the way
Your face is carved into the night sky
Behind you, the waves lashing
Against the boat we are on.
I want to wake up just a little bit early,
While you still rest, and frame the moment
With the window behind you.
I will feel safe then, content knowing you are too,
And I will wish to stay there forever,
Though I know we have more mountains to climb.

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